Young Inventor Creates Plastic from Fish Scales

The article is about young inventor used fish scales and fish skin to create a new kind of plastic that will break down in six weeks, and her invention won the James Dyson Award.

She thinks Plastic items area often made from brand new plastic, used once for a short time, and then thrown away.

She was very aware of  how wasteful many products are.

That’s why she invented the kind of plastic.

She called her finished product “MarinaTex”, MarinaTex is clear and feels like plastic, but it’s stronger than regular plastic that is the same thickness.Most importantly, MarinaTex doesn’t take hundreds of years to break down.

Ms. Hughes will earn about $38,500 (£30,000). Her school will get $6,400 (£5,000).She hopes the award money will help her with the process of getting MarinaTex into use as quickly as possible.




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