what is ASMR

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)

What is ASMR ?

ASMR is kind of a thing that stimulate the human brain by voice or another visual.The people who make the ASAM video will do something wired behavior,like whispering,blowing,chewing,page turning.

These behaviors will make some noise,and most of people like the noise,they think the voice is comfortable.

And before you ask me to research the ASMR,I think I had seen the ASMR in tiktok app, (tiktok app is a video sharing platform),when I  swiped the video that introduct movie and under the video that will another video the man knead the food and make some noise.

At the begining,I don`t know what is it.now I know it’s ASMR.

Do you like ASMR? why?







  • tingly sensation
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